“Three Rivers Deep” series

three-rivers-deep_farewell-to-the-past_MarynaKhomenko“Farewell to the Past” { by: Maryna Khomenko}

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“Two-souled clairvoyant, Aurora White, finds herself struggling with the self-blame of her mother’s death and the ongoing quarrel between her elemental soul mates.”


It took all of her remaining strength to say to her rescuer: “I’ll be fine.” Never having met him before, he stunned her by pressing lips to her forehead—carefully—his hot breath smelling strangely of electricity as he whispered back: “Yeah, that’s what you always say,” and then he vanished—that was two weeks ago.

Now, hundreds of miles removed from the grim day she barely survived, clairvoyant Aurora Whyte anxiously watches highway mile markers flash by, recalling yet again the desperate chase from an unseen creature that resulted in the collapse of their apartment building. Estranged from humanity because of an innate ability to connect with souls, Aurora has become isolated and emotionally destitute since the childhood-loss of her mother. She is all alone. However, that is about to change, and more so than she could have ever imagined when she reunites with her mysterious rescuer.

In the “Three Rivers Deep” series, book one: Body & Souls, after Aurora learns from an extremely handsome, otherworldly newcomer that she is a two-souled progeny of humans and their kind, called devvi, she finds herself surrounded by an assorted cast of elemental beings hell-bent on ensuring her survival. Although she may not need as much protection as everyone thinks when Aurora’s impressive defeat of a Sky Devil points to the potential of her mixed-breed heritage making her a greater “Force of Nature” than her purebred counterparts.


Three Rivers Deep | book series
Author:  Tiffany J. Sherman

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