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tif picTiffany J. Sherman | Pittsburgh, Pa

Hello all!  The following is a little bit about myself:

 I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Applied Media Arts.  I am the Art Director for Keystone Specialties Inc (12 years and still going strong).  My many hats as “art person in charge” include graphic design, in the development and preparation thereof of images to be imprinted on all sorts of products. Mostly? I create ornaments. Lots and lots of ornaments, glass balls mostly, that are a part of Keystone’s “Treasured Scenes” line of products. I also find myself working on a ton of Golf Tournament memorabilia/giveaways, as well as items for funeral homes, chambers of commerce, and US military projects, to name a few.

I am married.  I own 7 cats (and 1 husband).  My husband and I make SWEET sweet cat trees–to see photos, visit the gallery section of my blog at: Bonsai Cat Tree Gallery






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    • Hi Laura! Thanks for you interest! The Three Rivers Deep series isn’t available for the public just yet. I am still in the process of finding a literary agent and a publishing house. The blog here is to gain a web presence for the series, and i encourage those interested to follow to receive updates on when the first book becomes available 🙂


  3. I’ve pinned a number of your images about your book series Three Rivers Deep and I’m very intrigued to read your series. Did you create all the images to promote your books? Just curious as I’m a photographer and a writer and your images have drawn me to read your books. A very successful way of attracting new readers.


    • Hi Cathy! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the pins/the imagery has led you to my efforts to get the book series published. I like to post imagery that speaks to the elemental themes of the story, pinning from other pinners and also google image searches. I try to make an effort to state the image’s artist/source in the descriptions whenever it’s available. Pinterest has really been a great way to connect with people who are of a like-minded appreciation of nature in both imagery and story themes.


  4. Just stumbled across book reference on Pinterest. The imagery is awesome that you used and almost surreal and powerful. Now if I could only find the book!


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