Author’s Update: Progress Ongoing 2

kitty reading
pinterest count : 10,769 followers
re-reading : a perfect blood | kim harrison
Querying update: Still ongoing!

This week’s forecast : writing last section for my short story Color Shard
bedroom remodel status: finishing drywall–mud, mud, and more mud.
Also time to put in the garden! (Muddy yet again)

*     *     *
Life is still busy!  Keeping up with short story writing, sending out queries, and housework/remodeling seems like a full-time job–and then there is my actual job.  As you can see from the above count, Three Rivers Deep is almost up to 11k followers on Pinterest. Woot!  As far as contacting literary agents is concerned, I’m waiting to hear back from a few manuscript requests (fingers crossed!). While this is exciting, of course, I’m still sending queries out until I connect with the right person. I suspect that I’ll recognize her/him by the halo encircling their head, kittens perched on their shoulders, and sunshine and rainbows prancing about their feet.

If only the signs were that clear!

Author’s Update  |  Find out more about “Three Rivers Deep” book series below

As two-souled clairvoyant, Aurora Whyte, copes with self-blame for her mother’s death, she is caught up in an ongoing quarrel between her elemental soul mates.  ~  Three Rivers Deep – book series

It took all of her remaining strength to say to her rescuer: “I’ll be fine.” Never having met him before, he stunned her by pressing lips to her forehead—carefully—his hot breath smelling strangely of electricity . . . READ MORE

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