The Swamps of Creation with Dawn Frederick Part 1

Red Sofa Literary

Keeping Persistence

As we wade into the swamps of creation, it’s necessary to have one’s floaties on. This is to ensure that the path to publication consists of persistence and an ability to learn from the occasional misstep.

One of the worst things any writer can do is throw in the figurative towel before the finding an agent and/or reaching publication.

Some ways to prevent such a hasty decision include:

  1. Looking at the bigger picture.

 Is there a reason your book isn’t finding an agent? Is there a specific pattern of responses regarding the general concept of your book? Oftentimes, queries will not reach the correct person(s) due to attention not being paid to the category the agent(s) represent; this is one of the larger challenges of the query process.

Additionally, there is a good chance the story isn’t ready yet. The worst thing any writer can do…

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