Author’s Update: Progress Ongoing

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re-reading : a few demons more | kim harrison
Querying update: Ongoing!

This week’s forecast : continuing Three Rivers Deep series polishing
studio/bedroom remodel status: demolition semi-finished

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My life has been busy!  Keeping up with edits, sending out queries, running my poor kitty Jeriah to the vet (he was recently diagnosed with cancer).  He’s not eating well on his own, so i’ve been giving him food and water by hand, along with his prescribed dose of prednisone (steroid pill).

(My orange kitty, Jeriah)

I’ve been very sad over his illness, and there is nothing that can be done other than to keep him fed and keep him comfortable.

So this has been my life for the last 6+ weeks:  Caring for my kitty, editing Three Rivers Deep, going to working (it’s christmas ornament season, and the orders are rolling in!), feeding my husband, working on remodeling projects, and keeping the house in a semi-clean state.

Author’s Update  |  Find out more about “Three Rivers Deep” book series below

As two-souled clairvoyant, Aurora Whyte, copes with self-blame for her mother’s death, she is caught up in an ongoing quarrel between her elemental soul mates.  ~  Three Rivers Deep – book series

It took all of her remaining strength to say to her rescuer: “I’ll be fine.” Never having met him before, he stunned her by pressing lips to her forehead—carefully—his hot breath smelling strangely of electricity . . . READ MORE

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