Author’s Update: My Houdini Crush

three-rivers-deep_grass-growingpinterest count : 2,579 followers
re-reading : a fistful of charms | kim harrison
Querying update:  6 agents contacted this past weekend.

This week’s forecast : continuing Three Rivers Deep book TWO polish
|  contact 4 agents  | studio remodel status: demolition semi-finished

*     *     *
Due to the busy holiday weekend, last week I threw up one of my poems in the place of my weekly author’s update.  If you like three legged, two tailed turtles, you might want to give Merve (the turtle) a read through.

Did anyone else watch the History Channel’s “Houdini” on Labor Day and find themselves completely enamored?  Holy smokes,  Adrien Brody is a beautiful man!  I never thought I’d find myself ogling a guy wearing 1920s mens swimwear.  My new-found crush on Brody aside, I got a lot done over the extended weekend (demoing the studio room, cutting brush, polishing a good chunk of Three Rivers Deep/book 2).  I almost feel like I need a day off from my days off!

Author’s Update  |  Find out more about “Three Rivers Deep” book series below

As two-souled clairvoyant, Aurora Whyte, copes with self-blame for her mother’s death, she is caught up in an ongoing quarrel between her elemental soul mates.  ~  Three Rivers Deep – book series

It took all of her remaining strength to say to her rescuer: “I’ll be fine.” Never having met him before, he stunned her by pressing lips to her forehead—carefully—his hot breath smelling strangely of electricity . . . READ MORE

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