Updates : Manuscript Polishing, and a whole lot of blood



pinterest count : 2,108 followers
re-reading : a fistful of charms | kim harrison

Querying update:  None this past weekend.  I took a break, and concentrated on book 2 polishing.

This week’s forecast : continuing Three Rivers Deep book TWO polish
|  contact 3 agents  | studio remodel status: demolition


If you haven’t already noticed, this week’s Serene Haiku theme is “Blood.”  I think it was pretty easy to figure out, lol.  And just to give a shout out for Dawn (our haiku supplier) I’ve been helping her set up a wordpress blog of her own.  You can visit and read the poetry that she’ll be posting (possibly on a daily basis, as she is super excited about her blog) at:  www.dawnserene.wordpress.com

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (that doesn’t involve blood, UNLESS you’re donating)!  I unfortunately cannot donate, as my body doesn’t like needles.  And it’s not that i’m afraid—I don’t scream and run away in terror at the sight of sharp objects.  However, the one time that i tried to donate, they pricked my finger for the initial “quality test” and i didn’t do so well.  Thirty seconds later, I blacked out during their questionnaire.



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