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pinterest count : 2,046 followers
(almost finished) re-reading : every which way but dead | kim harrison

Querying update:  Five agents contacted over the weekend.

This week’s forecast : continuing Three Rivers Deep book TWO polish
|  contact 3 agents  | studio remodel status: demolition


If you have been keeping up with the “Serene Haiku” posts this week, you may have noticed that they have a theme:  “Yellow.”  Dawn and I have decided that having a theme of week would be an additional fun factor.  Next week, see if you can guess the new theme.  I’ll post Monday and Wednesday’s haikus, and then reveal the theme on Thursday.

One Pinterest update—there are two new boards:   Elemental | Air & Fog  and  Elemental | Field & Flower (click to visit)

three-rivers-deep-pinterest_air-fog three-rivers-deep-pinterest_field-flowers

 The following is a sampling of the beautiful imagery that can be found on these boards.

Elemental  | Air & Fog



Elemental  | Field & Flower

three-rivers-deep-pinterest_field-flowers_back three-rivers-deep-pinterest_field-flowers_yellow

three-rivers-deep-pinterest_field-flowers_legs three-rivers-deep-pinterest_field-flowers_redhead three-rivers-deep-pinterest_field-flowers_hippy



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