My Page Count Sucked Today | by: Laurell K Hamilton

LaurellKHamilton_repost1New Blog ā€“ My Page Count Sucked Today | Laurell K Hamilton


Laurell K Hamilton, author of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series, Meredith Gentry Series and Nightseer discusses her everyday page count goals in her latest blog post. As writers, going up against a daily expected word count (or page count, or total hours spent) can be rough to meet, especially when the words aren’t exactly free flowing.Ā  LK Hamilton encourages writers to stick with it, trudge through it, and above all:Ā  just write!

An excerpt from today’s post: If you got any writing done today, give yourself a point, whether it was a few sentences, or paragraphs, or pages, if you sat your butt down and actually wrote ā€“ congratulations! Because writers, write, so you write your bad self into the next paragraph, or chapter, or short story tomorrow and think to yourself. Laurell K. Hamilton only did two pages yesterday, I can do two pages. You can, you know, you really can. Ā 

Click on the link above to read the rest of Laurell K Hamilton’s “My Page Count Sucked Today”

author photo Ā© Laurell K. Hamilton


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