Updates: Cat Tree Gallery | Serene Haiku | Query On!


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re-reading : every which way but dead | kim harrison

Querying update:  Four more agents contacted last weekend.

This week’s forecast : continuing Three Rivers Deep book TWO polish
|  contact 4 agents  | studio remodel status: demolition


Blog updates:  In a continuing effort to post something beautiful/simple throughout the week, my good friend/first reader/haiku queen Dawn Serene has agreed to give me permission to feature some of her work.  So we can look forward to a “Serene Haiku” every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  As a disclosure, I would like to state that these are her original pieces.  If for some reason you are interested in a particular haiku, leave me a comment, and i will gladly hook you up with Dawn directly.  So you two crazy kids can work out whatever need be.

Cat tree update:  I have the Bonsai Cat Tree Gallery up and running on the blog!  Now, you can view every tree, with the option of clicking on to enlarge.  So you will be able to see all those crazy-fantastic details!  When you go to the gallery, you will be greeted by the following tree:

Evergreen_Bonsai_II_TopCloseup_by_T_Jeans Have some fun!  Go look at expert cat models, posing on cat trees!


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