WordPress Superpowers

rain,tin,roof,gif,photography. Don't run any more. Quiet. How softly it rains. On the roofs of the city.Divider2

pinterest count : 1,804 followers
re-reading : every which way but dead | kim harrison

Querying update:  Six more agents contacted over the 4th of July weekend.

This week’s forecast : continuing Three Rivers Deep book TWO polish
|  contact 4 agents  | studio remodel status: demolition


I’ve been exploring what all this WordPress blog can do.  Which has led me to build an additional page:  Three Rivers Deep: On Pinterest .  Now people coming in from Pinterest will have this as a more relevant landing page, Woot!

For my next trick, i will learn how to use the WordPress gallery feature.  This i anticipate will give me the additional super power of “photo pied piper.”  Henceforth, hundreds of photographs will line up in neat order when i whistle and deem it so.  I might even be able to build a Cat Tree photo gallery page!!!
Awe!  The possibilities!

pied piper gif


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