My cat is sad because he’s …


I ❤ MySadCat


Click MySadCat to visit their twitter!  They have three published books that you can check out: Under The Paw, Talk To The Tail and The Good, The Bad And The Furry


Bear and friends are back!

Tom Cox’s third book about the ups and downs of a life shared with multiple feline housemates does not disappoint. Anyone who has ever found themselves under the paw of a cat will absolutely love reading about The Bear, Ralph, Shipley and Roscoe as they unite to make sure Tom gets as little sleep as possible. Having read Tom’s first two books “Under the Paw” and “Talk to the Tail” I knew I was in for a funny read but in The Good, The Bad and The Furry Tom’s unique style of humour cracked me up time and again. This is a very intelligent and often poignant book that I would highly recommended for anyone who loves animals of any kind (not just crazy cat people).


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