Cat Treeing | Queries continued

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this week’s forecast : continuing short story development
|  research/contact 3 agents  | complete cat tree project

Beings the cat tree is scheduled to be delivered Saturday evening (Sunday rain date)  i hope that the continuing presence of storms rolling through our area doesn’t knock out our electricity, again, and prevent me from making more carpeting progress tonight. I use an air-powered staple gun to attach strips of carpet as I hand shape it onto the wooden frame.  So yeah, electricity is a must.  The following is a photo collage of a past tree we’ve done.


I believe this tree was over 6 feet tall, commissioned by a private owner.  Besides private commissions, we’ve done others for local animal groups, a few as donations for raising spay/neuter monies, and also a wall-mount tree for Pittsburgh Animal Friend’s “socialization room.”  Here’s a photo of that little gem:

Animal Friends Pittsburgh_tree

  Much fun for the kitties at Animal Friends, no doubt!  To see more photos, please feel free to visit my  cat tree gallery page:

Querying update:  Three more agents contacted this past weekend. I’ve found myself settling into an easy rhythm of: find a candidate agent , research said agent, compose a beautiful, compelling, personalized query, paste or attach sample pages (however required, if required) and SEND.  Research during the week, send emails out during the weekend.  Being brave, and getting my project out there!!!

Cat tree & Query ON!

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