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AND, updating ye old blog, here, which i haven’t done in a while. Sorry about that, folks. But whenever it came down to it, my time in the evenings was spent on more important things at hand. Namely, working with my mentor to polish the total sum of the first manuscript in the Three Rivers Deep series. A big thanks goes out to Pat, for overseeing that.

A Querying update:  We were all super excited whenever one of the agencies I’ve contacted responded back with a request to see sample pages from manuscript one (which I gladly sent.)  And while signing with them would be a blast, the agent that i’m supposed to “make that connection” could also very well not be there. I will continue to talk to people in the industry. I will carry on with the quest of getting my project out there.

With that said, it’s a FOUR DAY WEEKEND for me!!!  Hooray!

I took monday and tuesday off from the art department.  Which is why my “weekend forecast” list is so, um, vigorously hopeful?  During a normal, two day weekend, I’m lucky to get my house vacuumed AND laundry done, as my mind/efforts are entirely focused on that “one creative project” that i’ve set out to do. So yes, it’s a busy weekend ahead. Wish me luck! At least i can check mark “Update Author’s blog” off of the list!

Now, if i can get my garden planted, carpet the cat tree we were commissioned to build, and finish my short story project for Writers Digest’s annual competition–deadline June 16th, I’ll be doing fantastic-O.

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