Snow Fatigue.

Hello fellow pinners and book enthusiasts!  “Three Rivers Deep” made it to 470 followers over the weekend!! (thank you)

I don’t kwedding_closeupnow about everyone else in the country/USA, but we’ve been forecasted to get  4 to 6 inches of snow overnight.  Really, we do not need additional snow.  I mean, those of us in western Pennsylvania are fortunate that we do not live in the eastern part of the state (which saw 2 feet last week) but still, ugh!  I think that everyone, no matter where they live in the US has snow fatigue.  Well, everyone except Florida, where they only pretend it’s winter at the end of December–and yes I’m picking on my Orlando-dwelling friend.  It’s like the state of Florida puts up garland on a palm tree, being all “tra-la-la it’s winter,” and then after the presents are exchanged and the holiday commercials go away, they go back to sun and warm temps.

I’ve got news for you, Florida, it doesn’t stop being winter every where else as soon as the last gift is unwrapped!  So maaaybe i left my decorations up until this past weekend because snowflakes and snowmen still apply 😛

Yes, this weekend saw me “undecorating.”   Being enthusiastic for spring, i put up my fake-succulent swags and made a couple of real-succulent terrariums—and yes, it’s going to snow 1/2 a foot tonight.  So much for being “spring hopeful.”   Foregoing more snow, this week’s outlook is a concentration on finishing book 1’s edit, bathroom remodel progress, and more work done on a business logo commission.

And now, for your reading pleasure, i’ll throw up a short piece that was written last week during a 1 am “Why in Hell am i Not Asleep” frenzy.   Enjoy!  –Tiffany Sherman


Splish, splash, I was taking a shower
When the traffic light turned green
And I was sucked down the drain.
But I didn’t much care
It was Adventure Time
And I wanted to visit my good friend Merve—
I never believed when the tabloids said he died.

Merve the Turtle
He ain’t no stock broker
He don’t keep tabs on the Dow Jones
He don’t know your self worth
And he certainly won’t pay your tab—
He’ll never play your rumor game.

He be belly up
Sipping from his sippy cup
Sitting on the couch
And watching a Jeopardy repeat
Because he travels to an offbeat
He’s got three feet,
Three legs and two tails—Yes sir.

He survived Chernobyl
Because Merve the Turtle
Never Dies—
He’s impervious to your death-by-tainted-lettuce Lies

So go ahead.
Go yell it from the mountain where
Nobody will hear because
Those hills don’t have ears
Those hills have eyes
And they be creep’n people the freak out—
Merve is indifferent to your shouts for help.

He can’t afford the mortgage on a monastery
He ain’t handing out sanctuary like
Cheese on a stick at a one direction concert
The only direction this turtle walks is

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffling.
His pace is slow
But he always be getting there
You can count on that—
That turtle don’t care.

He be sideways and spinning
And kicking his three feet up
When his destination is close because
He won’t be late
But he also won’t be early—Look out!

This reptile’s getting squirrely
When you call heads
He’ll raise you tails
Because he’s got a tail to spare

Merve’s got his four eyes on you.
He sees where your hand is sewn on
Crooked at the wrist
He knows the hoax you’re about to deal out
And that don’t jive with him—No sir.

Even when he’s not playing
He’s better at your game than you.
Merve the Turtle has got you


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