Weekend Wrap-up & Pinterest Tip of the Day: Networking on Community Boards

wedding_closeupHello Pinners and fellow book enthusiasts.  I had a fairly productive weekend–what say you?  — Tiffany 🙂

My Pinterest goal of 50 new followers was met PLUS a few Bonus!  So WOO HOO!  We likey the Bonus, we do, we do. “Three Rivers Deep” book series has 355 pinterest followers, as of this morning (Feb 10th).  I made it a priority this weekend to place my “networking efforts” into reaching out to Pinners whose accounts/pinning interests seem to be more akin to my own.  Those of you with boards about Magic and Nature may have seen me extending an invite to come see my boards after I checked out/followed yours.

Scroll down for the Pinterest TIP of the Day:  Networking on Community Boards

My weekends always seem to consist of a precarious balance of laundry/vacuuming, touching base with immediate family, and all things creative (writing/editing and anything else art related, commissioned/promised or otherwise ).  While I will never profess my love for housework (domestic things that need to be done so as my house doesn’t end up on an episode of TLC “Hoarders”) and time with family is important,  i always find myself mentally chomping at the bit find a quiet place and get my edit/writing page count goal accomplished.  Currently, I am only a few chapters away from finishing up book one’s “for agents to read” edit.  Hoo-rawr!!!

I am anxious to get back into book three’s draft, and back to new writing!!!

It was good to see my parents for lunch on Saturday.  My brother and I visited our grandma at the medical center on Sunday (we try to do so every other week).  On a sad note, the boys got to work on building the wall shelf for my brother’s german shepherd’s urn.  Three weeks today, poor Rudy passed away suddenly and tragically.  My brother was absolutely heartbroken (he raised Rudy from a puppy).  My husband and I paid the crazy amount of $$ it was to have him cremated, and my brother wanted to build a corner shelf to place the urn in the corner of his dining room, above the pellet stove.  I designed the shelf to look like a dog house (see uploaded scan of the drawing below) and my husband and his friend got together w/my brother on Saturday to start the build.  The wall unit includes a bottom shelf, where the photo album i’m putting together will sit.  I also want to get one of those digital photo frames that switches between photos that you load onto it.

RudyShelf    This is the design sketch for the pet urn.

Rudy will be sorely missed (he already is) and we’re doing what we can to help my brother.   I know, it’s a sad thing to include in a post, but hey, life isn’t always sunshine and gummie bears, unfortunately.

Pinterest TIP of the Day: Community Board Networking     In this day and age when “Nobody ain’t got no time for that” you want to optimize your time on Pinterest Community Boards.  It is “time beneficial” to check out healthy community boards (by “healthy” i mean that people are actively pinning new material, as well as having a high rate of repinning and liking.)  Community boards that have active participants who pin alike interests are awesome in that they supply not only relevant pins, but also the opportunity to connect with people who have the same interests.  Take note of people who have pinned recently and pin often, and go visit their pages. Does their Pinterest account speak to you in a “Hey, they like what i like” way?  Follow them!!!  Since they have pinned recently, you know that they still maintain their account and are likely to see that you have followed them (in hopes that they will follow you back).  ALSO, first “follow” a couple of their boards, and THEN follow their entire account.  That way, they will see you as an individual come up in their “notice feed” and know to go check you out.  If you only “follow” their entire account, you may get lost in one of those notifications that say “Person A, Person B, and 21 other pinners have followed you.”  They will never know that YOU SPECIFICALLY have followed them if you are “other pinner #16.”   — thus endth the TIP —

Hoping everyone has an awesome week!!!  This is Tiffany, signing off 🙂


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