be Brave. be BOLD. BELIEVE.

Greetings to my fellow PINNERS 🙂  Thank you for your continued interest in the “Three Rivers Deep” book series Pinterest site —

Hello, this is Tiffanwedding_closeupy.  I’ve been working on Pinterest like a fiend to build the “Three Rivers Deep” pinterst account, while linking everything back to here.  And while I am also “in progress” of creating this blog site for my book series, I would say to anyone that finds their way here, “Hello! And welcome!”  I am also learning what all goes into the content and functioning of WordPress–hoping to be a “somewhat” pro at this soon.

A little background on “Three Rivers Deep”

  • I have been working on this book series for close to 5 years now.
  • There are two books written, with a third on its way.
  • Book one is entitled “Body & Soul(s), and is currently undergoing its 5th (or 8th, or 6-3/4th) edit–the final draft that i will release to inquiring agents upon request.
  • I have a wonderful group of first readers whose professional backgrounds range from Copywriter to Teacher (2 teachers, actually, one a retired english teacher/author who’s been actively involved in the literary community for 20+ years).
  • I bribe–er, I mean “pay back”–my first readers with illustrations for their books, tattoo designs, cat trees that show up in crates on their doorstep for christmas, and taking the lead point through haunted houses (at least the people at Kennywood would LIKE us to believe that their houses are filled with ghosties, wouldn’t they, Briget?)
  • I am working up to querying agents–pitch paragraph written, query letter itself in development as i am researching the agents that i want to contact.
  • I DON’T DON’T DON’T want to be the unpublished author that email blasts a ton of agents with a general/generic query plea.  No.  I want to know who i am contacting, be familiar with their background, and know what she/he as a professional (and an everyday-lifer) is looking for in a client/story.
  • I want a good fit (literary agent speaking), someone that will guide my writing career with an even hand (hand becoming fist to pound on a publisher’s table whenever the situation deems necessary).  But ya know, someone to be happy with, and serious with.

A couple of factoid things about myself (which i will expand upon in the “About” section.)

  • My name is Tiffany Sherman–and would i like to take on a “pen name” whenever i become published, all official-like?  Maybe.  Depends on the views of my agent 🙂
  • I have a Bachelors degree in Applied Media Arts
  • I am the Art Director for Keystone Specialties Inc (8 years and still going strong).
  • My many hats as “art person in charge” include graphic design, in the development and preparation thereof of images to be imprinted on all sorts of products.  Mostly?  I create ornaments.  Lots and lots of ornaments, glass balls mostly, that are a part of Keystone’s “Treasured Scenes” line of products.  I also find myself working on a ton of Golf Tournament memorabilia/giveaways, as well as items for funeral homes, chambers of commerce, and US military projects, to name a few.
  • Other HATS at Keystone include: Copy Editor and overall layout master of Keystone’s inhouse catalogs (and news articles, and website content-both images and text).
  • I am married
  • I own 7 cats (and 1 husband)
  • My husband and I make SWEET sweet cat trees–photos posted on:
  • I am a master extraordinaire of meeting deadlines.  Multiple deadlines.  Bombarding me all at once.  Even whenever I get: “Oh this is a Rush order, and it needs to be client approved and to the factory by noon.”   Meanwhile, it’s 11:15 am.

In summary, Tiffany Sherman wears many hats.  And while she’s not wearing her 8-5 Art Director hat, she’s at home in the evenings with her I-Want-to-be-a-Published-Author hat on, writing, editing, feeding cats/husband, and back to editing furiously.

And pinning.

be Brave. Be BOLD. BELIEVE — my 3 B words that keep me moving forward.


6 thoughts on “be Brave. be BOLD. BELIEVE.

  1. Hi Tiffany,
    I love your Pintrest page and there are several images on there that I’d like to trace the source of, as I’m researching a book cover for an upcoming title here are Penguin books in London. Would you mind getting in touch, please?
    Many thanks,
    Picture Researcher, Art Department, Penguin


    • Hi Alice,
      I am at work right now, wearing my art director hat, and i wanted to write a quick reply to this (and i’ll also shoot you an email). I’d be glad to give you any help that i can to track down the sources that i have pinned. The majority of what i pin to my boards is repinned from others on Pinterst. More often than not, i’ve been trying to include the source, if it is listed in the original pin. Repins that didn’t provide the source may be harder, but i’m wondering if there isn’t someway to use a google image search to try and track down the source? My one co-worker had an app on his phone, at one point, that allowed him to visually scan in anything, and then Google would bring up search results for it.


    • Thank you for your words of encouragement! Over the past month and a half, i’ve been working with my mentor to polish book 1, and the task is almost done! We’re only chapters away from the end, which is exciting. I’ve already had one agency out of Denver respond favorably to my query and request sample pages, also exciting. In the meanwhile, i really do need to get back into updating my author’s blog on a weekly basis. Working on the series takes precedence, of course, but i can at least jump on here and say how things are going, lol.


    • Hi Rubiwho! thanks for asking about Three Rivers Deep 🙂 Currently, i am searching for a literary agent/publisher. The story won’t be available to the public until then—and i will announce on this blog when it becomes available.


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